Principal’s Desk

The Redeemer’s Private Secondary School (RPSS) Lugbe Abuja is God’s answer through the instrumentality of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, FCT 1, Abuja to a people dearly in need of and search for God –based first class international Christian secondary school which focus on the total personality  of each student – child

In RPSS, each child is seen regarded and treated as a child of destiny and an arrow head in the hand of the Almighty God to make a clear positive difference to his generation and to shift generation paradigm to righteousness , excellence and distinction.

It is for these reasons that any staff employed and  engaged by the school is a product of transparent and competitive process, based on principles of the holy Bible which remains the sure foundation for sound Christian education aimed at building a just ,fair , moral and God fearing society.

RPSS operates on clear vision and objectives as the crucible and driving force of its programmes and activities.

Our mission is to raise a generation of disciplined and stable children as tomorrow’s leaders of excellence with integrity knowledge and the fear of God

  • To educate and prepare every child for easy integration into global competitiveness and also to provide  a wide range of platform as opportunities for every child for international excellence , leadership and development.
  • To develop the total man in every child , mentally ,physically and spiritually

In the website that you are about to view , you will see an indication of overflowing wisdom of God displayed in the lives of our  students  as you see their potentials ,gifts , talents and abilities being put into use spiritually ,academically, technologically etc

Wisdom is the principal thing ,therefore with all thy getting, get understanding.